Preserving Cultures through Dance

Aditi, Sanskrit for creative abundance, promotes the living arts for daily survival with style through education, youth scholarships, performance and touring, and multicultural programs of ethnic dance and interarts in Monterey County.

Danzas Aditi was formed in 2003 as a professional touring ensemble. Its mission is to choreograph, stage and perform dance concerts featuring traditional and innovative collaborations, with interfaces that accent cultural and artistic commonalities while revealing the authentic uniqueness of each dance.


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“The audience gasped as they felt the music and dance transport them to a moment many may never experience in their life. Spanish music and dance can create a multicultural experience in and of itself. Too much history of expression dies because there are no teachers left to teach and to save the gift.”
—Bonnie Rose-Wittenberg

“My compliments! Never did the sun set for so many at one time with such music, beauty, grace and colors!”
—Monique Gardiner

“The wonderful production of Concierto Homenaje-a Lorca began with photographs, art work, costume displays, and culinary array in the lobby…inside, I had never seen this combination of dance, drama, poetry, music, and staging flow together effortlessly in two languages…a totally satisfying evening for me and the community audience with rounds of applause!”
—Steven Kramer

“The multi-ethnic, mixed-age dance group performed with an air of complete confidence, professional attitude, beauty and pleasure.”
—John Dotson


Dancing diplomacy_web
Painting by Lester Boranda, Noticas del Puerto de Monterey, Spring 2003.

Aditi was recently awarded a grant from the Arts Council for Monterey County, thanks to new funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Fandango Monterey is a researched and choreographed project of three dances from Spain, performed in Monterey in the late 18th century. These dances will be presented in period costume with lecture demonstrations in historic, touristic, and school venues. The project runs from May 2017 to May 2018.