Flamenco Dance

Classes, workshops, private sessions, coaching.

Estampa Flamenca
Flamenco at Casa Serrano
Chinese & Spanish Dance Interface

Learn an Ethnic Dance with total body, mind, heart and soul.

Learn a new movement language with lively multi-cultural influences and engaging rhythms.
Become acquainted with lineage choreographies and the figuras of “el Principio del Gitano”.
Share this art form with friends, family, and community audiences and help perpetuate this dance culture.

For current information please inquire:

(831) 601-7089

Do you have experience in Flamenco, other ethnic or classical dance forms?

Are you interested in learning traditional and creative choreography and the skills of performance and production?

If so, you are invited to join a special Flamenco class that focuses on those objectives.

For further information please call the Aditi Foundation (831) 601-7089 or
E-mail Alicia at aliciayo@att.net.