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“I am who I am because I was told it was a good thing for me to pursue the arts as a lifestyle choice and career. I was encouraged to create a unique vision for myself and my love for authentic connection through performance should be shared as a gift with the world. I am indebted to this foundation for believing in me and for adding kindle to the spark that set motion to my entire life since then.”
—Kristelle Monterrosa


We are happy to announce our new awards!


Please complete and E-mail your applications. All applications must be received by December 31, 2017.

Awards will be announced on January 31, 2018.

Elizabeth "Betty" Orrett
Elizabeth “Betty” Orrett

The Aditi Foundation, Inc., a local non-profit since 1999, dedicated to the preservation of world cultures through dance, announces the ELIZABETH “Betty” ORRETT AWARD FOR ACHIEVEMENT IN DANCE AND VISUAL ARTS IN MONTEREY COUNTY.
Two stipends of $300 each will be given in two categories:

Junior, ages 15-29
Senior, ages 30-70

If interested, submit a 2-page biography with photo of self,contact information, and resume of dance and visual art education, experience, performance and exhibits, accompanied by 2 samples of dance and visual art work. E-mail your submission to : 

Include a stand alone paragraph stating why you express yourself in these art forms and what your aspirations are for creating a better world through them.

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 “Flamenco dance expanded my awareness and appreciation of other cultures and traditions, opening my eyes to countries and people that I could not literally travel to at the time, but could ‘visit’ and ‘discover’ through the world of dance. There were no passports or travel documents required… All that was necessary was curiosity, respect, dedication, and a knowledgeable guide/instructor.”

Spotlights on Scholarship Recipients

Kristelle Monterrosa


Alin Rios

New Scholarship Students 2014

Janice Garcia

Advanced Scholarships

The Aditi Foundation Proficiency Scholarship
Awarded to a student dancer with ten or more years of dance studies (academy, college, studio), and extensive performance experience, not as a soloist. The recipient of this scholarship will continue dance studies in Flamenco Jondo (en el principio del gitano) and estilo antiguo, learning traditional choreographies, advancing technique, and preparing for performances of Flamenco dance choreographies in venues with professional performers.

The student will be required to assist in the preparation of other dancers, notably the Heritage Scholarship recipient, and with all productions and costuming, as guided by the Artistic Director.

The 2014 Proficiency Scholarship has been awarded to Sarah Hall-Vasey.

Sarah Hall Vasey, also known as La Galicia and Sara Villas, spent a post-graduate year in Madrid, Spain where she taught English as a Foreign Language and absorbed all she could of Spanish Culture. Many years after returning to the U.S. and building her life and career on the Monterey County, Sarah met and began studying Flamenco with Alicia Morena. Under Alicia’s close tutelage, Sarah has developed an extensive repertory of Spanish Flamenco dances as well as vocal accompaniment and recitation of Spanish Gypsy poetry to the dance. Sarah has performed in numerous venues throughout the Monterey Peninsula with Danzas Aditi Ensemble and annual concerts presented by the Department of Dance at Monterey Peninsula College. In August of 2009, Alicia Morena presented Sarah in a formal recital at the John Tennent Auditorium, Canterbury Woods, in Pacific Grove. Sarah’s program included much of the repertory pieces she has studied namely the Soleares, Tango Gitano, Farruca, Romance de Amor, and Guajiras.
Never having had any interest in formal dance, Sarah surprised herself by embracing the world of Flamenco where life is bold and colorful. Along with the dance and vocals, Sarah’s Flamenco world includes the creation of costumes for herself and for her dance partners.Sarah finds that studying Flamenco has become not just an enjoyable pastime, but a cultural mission. Flamenco is not for everybody, but it can be for anybody. You don’t have to be a gypsy to express yourself through Flamenco; you don’t have to be young and beautiful, tall, short, thin, or brunette or blond. You just have to listen, and let Flamenco speak to you.


The Aditi Foundation Heritage Scholarship
Awarded to a student with five or more years of dance studies (academy, college, studio), with performance experience in student recitals and special events. The recipient of this scholarship will learn to embody the dances associated with lineage choreographies, such as those of Rosita Durán, Pilar Lopez, El Estampío, El Chino (Carmen Amaya), La Chunga, Lupe del Rio, Teo Morca, Paco Romero, Teresita Osta.

The student is required to attend all advanced choreography classes, and to achieve performance readiness as a “soloist” in the Guajiras, the Sevillanas, and the Tango Gitano.

The student will be mentored by the recipient of the Proficiency Scholarship.

The 2014 Heritage Scholarship has been awarded to Alin Rios.