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Painting by Lester Boranda, Noticas del Puerto de Monterey, Spring 2003.

Aditi was recently awarded a grant from the Arts Council for Monterey County, thanks to new funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Fandango Monterey is a researched and choreographed project of three dances from Spain, performed in Monterey in the late 18th century. These dances will be presented in period costume with lecture demonstrations in historic, touristic, and school venues. The project runs from May 2017 to May 2018.


Pacific Grove Art Center, Boyer Gallery, March 3-April 27, 2017invite2_5x7-web

Elizabeth “Betty” Orrett — An Artful Remembrance (1920-2015)

Sponsored by the Aditi Foundation


The Aditi Foundation presents the water colors, sketches, and multi media art of Elizabeth “Betty” Orrett. Betty contributed richly to this local non-profit dedicated to the preservation of cultures through dance. As contributor, collaborator and friend, she designed stage props, cuadro chairs, and program covers for concerts and cultural events. Her series, DANCERS AT WORK: STUDIO and STAGE, became sets of greeting cards along with framed posters and original art donated to Aditi Scholarship fundraisers, most of which sold.

Her sons, Edwin and Edward Orrett, have endowed the Aditi Foundation with these remaining dance art originals as well as her visual contributions in still life, landscapes, flowers, and people. Proceeds from this exhibition will directly fund the ELIZABETH ‘BETTY’ ORRETT Award for Achievement in Dance and the Visual Arts in Monterey County.

“Elizabeth Orrett came to my college dance classes in late 1999, dressed in a tailored flamenco practice outfit, shoes to match, and the most alert expression of “I’m ready”. In the mirror and behind my back, I could feel her burning desire for form and function, which she later referred to as “compas of movement”. In my 15-years of intergenerational classes, I found her to be that singularly perceptive student who grasped the truth of the art form you were teaching. Although hearing challenged, her eyes and insight recorded moves, and her intelligence committed them to meaningful memory. She praised the coplas of the Sevillanas as her favorite dance, but was moved to learn the Tango Gitano as her solo piece.’
-Alicia Morena-di Palma, Founder,
Aditi Foundation, Inc.





Signed letter to Flamenco Dancers